GNC Laser TV

A new technology full of advantages

GNC Lįser provides you with laser technology, applied to surface processes (cladding and heat treatments) and large metal parts.

The main advantages of these laser applications, which have been industrialised in countries of our surroundings over the last years, are the application of localised heat to the area under treatment (t.i: low heat inputs), a minimal deformation of the part, lack of cracks, the prevention of re-machining and finishing processes, high precision of the layer obtained, etc. within an automated, repetitive and reliable process, which leads to a reduction of the manufacturing costs of the part and an improvement of its properties.

GNC Lįser works as a subcontractor of these advanced services, with the appropriate resources and facilities for the handling, processing and inspection or control of the parts for its customers at its facilities in the Industrial Estate of Itziar, Deba (Gipuzkoa).


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